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Success stories

Most significant projects that demonstrate the diversity of experience, constitute our success stories and provide inspiration for new projects.

Development of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Republic of Latvia (RIS3)

A national research and innovation strategy for transforming the economy towards higher added value and greater resource efficiency, commissioned by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science.

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Analysis of innovation-led growth potential (Slovenia)

In 2014, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Slovenia commissioned an economic analysis of Slovenia, defining priority sectors for innovation development in the country.

Attraction of funding required for the introduction of solutions required for the economy of energy resources

Preparation and development of projects to promote energy savings in the production process of enterprise. Funding was received by energy intensive companies such as, AS Graanul Invest, AS Kurekss, AS Latvijas Maiznieks and other. 

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Attraction of funding for new products and the development of infrastructure

Funding was received by manufacturing companies such as, for instance, AS Dobeles dzirnavnieks, AS HansaMatrix, AS Tenax, AS CTB and others. In total, more than 200 projects together attracted over EUR 250 million in funding.

Digitalisation of manufacturing processes

Projects for the digitalisation of manufacturing processes was developed and funding attracted at companies such as AS Dobeles dzirnavnieks, AS Graanul Invest, AS Kurekss and others. 


Strategic consultations and platform development

Development of an international assessment platform of research activity at Rīga Stradiņš University, Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital in Riga, and others.

Strategic consultations for the conduct of research

Strategic research consultancy for EU-funded research in the Latvian forestry sector, electronics sector, pharmaceutical sector for both companies and non-profit organisations, etc.

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